itemize (also itemise) VERB present as a list of individual items or parts.

English terms dictionary. 2015.

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  • itemize — item·ize / ī tə ˌmīz/ vt ized, iz·ing: to list in detail or by particulars itemize deductions Merriam Webster’s Dictionary of Law. Merriam Webster. 1996. itemize …   Law dictionary

  • itemize — i‧tem‧ize [ˈaɪtəmaɪz] also itemise verb [intransitive, transitive] to present information in the form of a list, giving details about each item on the list: • The report itemized several areas of concern. • Taxpayers who don t itemize (= don t… …   Financial and business terms

  • Itemize — I tem*ize, v. t. To state in items, or by particulars; to list each item in a collection under discussion; as, to itemize the cost of a railroad. [Local, U. S.] [1913 Webster +PJC] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • itemize — ☆ itemize [īt′əmīz΄ ] vt. itemized, itemizing to specify the items of; set down by items [to itemize a bill of purchases] itemization n …   English World dictionary

  • itemize — (v.) 1864, Amer.Eng., from ITEM (Cf. item) + IZE (Cf. ize). Related: Itemized; itemizing. Earlier verb was simply item (c.1600) …   Etymology dictionary

  • itemize — (Amer.) i·tem·ize || aɪtÉ™maɪz v. catalog, list, enumerate, set down in full detail (also itemise) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • itemize — [v] keep detailed record catalog, circumstantiate, cite, count, detail, document, enumerate, individualize, instance, inventory, lay out, list, mention, number, particularize, quote, recite, record, recount, rehearse, relate, set out, specify,… …   New thesaurus

  • itemize — itemization, n. itemizer, n. /uy teuh muyz /, v., itemized, itemizing. v.t. 1. to state by items; give the particulars of; list the individual units or parts of: to itemize an account. 2. to list as an item or separate part: to itemize deductions …   Universalium

  • itemize — UK [ˈaɪtəmaɪz] / US [ˈaɪtəˌmaɪz] verb [transitive] Word forms itemize : present tense I/you/we/they itemize he/she/it itemizes present participle itemizing past tense itemized past participle itemized to make a detailed list of a number of things …   English dictionary

  • itemize — verb To state in items, or by particulars; as, to itemize the cost of a railroad …   Wiktionary

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